RADIO 101 is a non-commercial  voluntary non- for- profit online community radio  training service,  101 reasons to become a member of  Online Media Co-operative

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Radio 101 is a voluntary not-for-profit community radio training service and providing media access to local news,music issues and interests.

To promote active community involvement in regeneration and social inclusion and to enhance diversity and quality within the community through use of community online Radio 101as a tool for cohesion, expression and skills development.

Online community radio  has a unique place in the UK, giving people within communities a voice whilst providing exciting and diverse online community  radio service. 

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Our e-mail to Chris Moll at  Radio 101 Germany for premission to use the name

 Hi, hope you don`t mind if we use Radio 101 as a name for our online community
radio service.We love your web site and the history of Radio 101.    

Hello, no problem !   I wish you success with your project,        Chris  
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